“In a herd of 10,000 cattle, it’s the stray that gets the Cowboy’s attention.” 
                                                                         - Randy Spicer, Audio Theater

 The analogy aptly applies to our “overly communicated to” society.

Clientele MUST be willing to stray from herd mentality…IF…they are to be noticed!


Audio Theater, as the name implies, is all about the power of relational advertising as experienced through, “theater of the mind.”

Our goal is simple.  To create memorable advertising that connects with your prospects by bridging their desires with your product or service.

We accomplish this by focusing on singular ideas; life moments that are embedded with powerful memories.  Recollections which each of us share at some point in our personal journey.  In other words we help you “relate” to your audience through storytelling!


             Commercial Demo


 Character Voices

(Yeah! They’re ALL the same guy!)


(Concepts below created for and copyrighted by our friends at CashByCreative.)

Spiced Herring Write-upChasing ParConcertBed & Breakfast

Termite Control

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